Abundance mentality dating

26-Feb-2016 06:37

Or it makes you feel like an utter failure just because you stumbled and things didn’t work out.

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Wouldn’t she find it strange if you are only willing to talk to physically attractive women but unattractive girls? Being social with more women also helps you develop your abundance mentality. Go to social events, start practicing daygame and talk to girls in the daytime. If you want attractive girls then you should be comfortable socializing and flirting with women no matter how physically attractive they are or not.

” I used to go to public places where I knew there were a lot of people and the purpose wasn’t even to pick up girls, the purpose was just to get out of my comfort zone.

When I worked in real estate, I cold called people to pitch them on refinancing their mortgage.

Confident men aren’t afraid of offending other people. After you have made an effort to flirt with more women you will get better at it. But when you mistakenly believe you need her then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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They do and say what they want because their opinion of themselves is more important to them than the opinions of others. Not only because you are developing your social skills, but because you are developing some very confident mindsets. They are afraid of messing up their chance to attract this one woman they like and as a result they are only capable of talking about the most boring unattractive things with her. We don’t need to attach importance to the attention we get from women.

If a woman so much as catches a whiff of the fact that you’re desperate to sleep with her or find a girlfriend in general – your chances are going to be toast, instantly! So there’s an absolutely massive difference between guys who have a scarcity mentality about women, sex, and dating in general – as opposed to ones who have an abundance mentality with all those things!

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