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18-Jan-2017 12:45

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The Geek Squad was also reportedly developing a computer software to help the FBI find child pornography on their client's computers.

The legal suit was filed on behalf of Orange County doctor Mark A.

Rettenmaier, who specializes in gynecologic oncology, and was indicted in November 2014 on two counts of possession of child pornography after bringing his computer to Best Buy for repair.

All computers that are brought in for data recovery are sent to the Geek Squad facility in Brooks, Kentucky, and customers sign a waiver to allow employees to search their computers, and report any illegal material to authorities, according to the Washington Post.

They have to pair up and complete a number of tasks and each week, one couple is eliminated and the last remaining couple gets a 0,000 reward.

The geeks are some of the geekiest and smartest guys you'd ever want to know.

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In the previews for next week last night, all the eliminated contestants return and they all get a make-over, I guess they realised that make-over time is pretty popular and it seemed unfair that the ones that went early missed out. I haven't watched since the first episode (except the section with the babes answering questions in tubs of water) so I wasn't aware. I probably haven't explained myself too well but looking at Brandon's picture is a good example. I'm just saying that these guys are supposed to be heterosexual males (since their one a show that pairs them with attractive women), but the makeovers make them look 'wrong'. I wonder how many will keep them up once they get home. ;) I haven't been watching the show, so are all 5 of these geeks still in the show? Is it just me or did Zac appear to be rather disinterested in the makeover reveals? the dude who had the makeover, his voice suddenly became less full on..couldn't be putting it on..could he??!!I have to confess that I usually detest reality television.

I think that it's the absolute worst form of popular entertainment in America right now, and its only intention seems to be capturing the decadence, humiliation, and absolute worst qualities of those involved, and then exploit those traits.

Because we all know the book was better - even if you had to write it yourself.