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In the Windover area of present day Florida in North America – Stone-age Europeans from the Eastern Mediterranean begin arriving by sea and develop a settlement as indicated by genetic evidence from brain-matter of the DNA X2 haplogroup in a buried cemetery in the peat layer outside Titusville, close to Interstate 95 in Brevard County, within a few miles of present day Cape Canaveral.southern Anatolia (modern Turkey) – The sophisticated neolithic city of Çatalhöyük develops on either side of the Çarşamba river, supported by hunting, domestic agriculture, and the manufacture of pottery and obsidian (volcanic glass) tools, with men and women apparently having the same social status. Mazama, in America's Pacific North West, erupts violently leaving ash deposits over stone tools of the earliest inhabitants.(Dated by radio-carbon and dendrochronology/tree-ring data). These help to date the earlier Caucasian Ainu-type (Jomon) 'Kennewick' man's remains from that area.On the other hand, many conservative scholars date the book of Job to 1900-1700 BC, the time period known as the time of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.If Job can reasonably be dated in the time of the patriarchs, it becomes a very real possibility that the Sumerian stories derived from Job via oral tradition, instead of vice versa.Extremely ancient human remains have been found throughout New York State and New England that date back to at least 9,000 B. In a report from the Syracuse Herald American in 1983, anthropologists from the Buffalo Museum of Science, 1,400 artifacts were dug up from a site called Phoenix Hill.I believe the Book of Job was written during the time of the patriarchs, 1900 to 1700 BC.The latest evidence indicates that sea-routes from Europe and Asia (not the Bering Strait land-bridge, as is still taught) were the main routes for the peopling of the Americas There is increasing evidence that the first human migrations to the Americas was by sea from Asia, and far earlier than previously thought (from before 27,000 BC), according to clear evidence from the Sandia Cave in New Mexico (and later Olmec engravings at La Venta from Shang era China, etc..), for the clockwise ocean current of the north Pacific facilitated this route from China, which contradicts the traditional theory of an overland Beringia migration being the earliest.Because of differences in craniofacial morphology and dentition between the earliest American skeletons and modern Native Americans, separate origins have been postulated for them, despite genetic evidence to the contrary.

The anachronism label has thus been applied in this context for quite some time now.

In another mound, they found a circle of ten skeletons surrounding another giant skeleton, as well as underground vaults, various copper and mica ornaments, religious items, pipes and spearheads.