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This example incorporates common spamming keywords (some taken from Meta-Wiki's Spam Blacklist) and also techniques for blocking CSS hidden spam. Experiment with the $wg Spam Regex setting, and test out some edits on your Sand Box page, to see what gets blocked. The above example shows a regular expression being built up over several lines, using PHP's dot syntax to concatenate strings.This makes this long regular expression more compact, but also a bit more complicated.The central focus of the Network's 28th meeting was a special session on “Information Communication Technologies: Protection of Children in Tourism”.The meeting further featured a reporting session, affording representatives of national tourism administrations, the tourism industry, NGOs and specialised media outlets an opportunity to report on new projects concerning child protection in tourism.

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This is because the next line ends the regular expression with the closing wrapper / followed by the "i" switch. incorrectly matching legitimate edits, see AVOID FALSE POSITIVES! The setting which you assign to $wg Spam Regex, is a regular expression (See Wikipedia's article and PHP's manual on regular expressions).

Any text added to a wiki page matching this regular expression (or "regex") will be recognized as Wiki spam and the edit will be blocked.

$wg Spam Regex will affect all user groups; even members of the sysop and bureaucrats user groups will be disallowed saving a text, if it matches $wg Spam Regex.

It will not block all spam, but it can reduce spam dramatically, with almost no negative impact upon legitimate users.

$wg Spam Regex's configuration settings will control how mediawiki examines the text of contributions and determines if the contributions are spam or not.Not all websites implement our on-site analytics and publish the results.