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13-Sep-2016 22:24

couple Althea Heart and Benzino are beendunzo yet again. You get upset when I post up videos I did back in the day which people posted up I reposted but you didn’t care when I went on national tv acting like you didn’t know about Stevie when you did for your story line tho making me look crazy?The most recent very public blow up comes courtesy of Althea, who called out ‘Zino in a lengthy Instagram message in which she calls him a “stupid ass” and a “clown” who is “disrespectful to me as the mother of your child! And Now that’s the most important thing in my life. You wanna then post up your old videos of you with Lisa Ray like I care.Benzino, who we find hard to believe in any situation after seeing his LAHH foolery, hit up Z107.9 recently where he dished on Stevie J and her relationship with Karlie Redd. Benzino from Love & Hip Hop chatted it up with radio host Colby Colb in Cleveland about the finale and reunion show.And he revealed there will definitely be fireworks.

Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emanuel just officially opened the doors to his new ‘Black Ink’ tattoo shop location here in Atlanta yesterday, and to the surprise of many in attendance at the grand opening, he brought along Love & Hip Hop Atlanta siren Karlie Redd as his date to the event to let it be publicly known that she’s now his new leading lady..Heart cried that, without the TPO, Benzino would continue to stalk and harass her.