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Cooper joined the show soon after its 1973 debut and had been nominated for 10 Daytime Emmys going back to '89 ... Cooper was married to TV producer Harry Bernsen, Jr. all three of their children -- Corbin, Collin and Caren -- are actors.

Her character Katherine was groundbreaking in daytime ...

In a Facebook posting April 17, Bernsen said his mother cursed several times, 'showing me that she's becoming her old self, not thrilled about the situation, and ready to get out of the hospital and shake up the world.'On Wednesday he wrote that she remained a fighter until the end: 'She has been a blaze her entire life, that beacon, that boxer I spoke of earlier.

She went the full twelve rounds and by unanimous decision... 'Cooper, born in the California town of Taft in 1928, attended the College of the Pacific and performed in local theater productions before her professional career began with the 1953 film The Redhead from Wyoming starring Maureen O'Hara. Law, she played the mother to Bernsen's character, Arnie, and received a 1987 Emmy nomination for best guest actress in a drama.

My mom or I had something done, and not just cosmetic surgery.' That was an incredible experience in my life."The Young and the Restless has topped the daytime serial ratings for more than 24 years, in part because of the continuity provided by Cooper and its other long-time stars including Eric Braeden.

It held its ground as the genre diminished in popularity and the majority of soaps vanished.

My mom was the center of my support system, that place I always went to talk things through, whether I was feeling joy or fear.

It wasn't on the big occasions like Mother's Day or Christmas or her birthday. TV Guide Magazine: Does it help to stay connected to associate producer] Josh O'Connell telling me that the special tribute episode the show did for my mom has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, and that just feels so incredible! This time I'm doing four episodes, working with Doug Davidson [Paul] and Lauralee Bell [Christine], which my mom would have loved. I really like keeping this link to the show, because it's also a link to my mom's fans.

That's why I shared so much about her final days on Facebook.

she went through bouts of alcoholism, lost four husbands and a child ... But her most famous thread was a bitter feud with Jill Foster Abbott ...

and arguably the most admired and beloved performer in the daytime drama business.Her mother died August 21, 1944, and her father died April 11, 1986.

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